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The Philadelphia Art Alliance

Installation: Screenprint, cut paper and altered book pages

Photographs by John Carlano

Project 01

Encircle, 2017


…and a thorn hedge grew up around the entire castle, growing higher and higher, until nothing at all could be seen of it.


“Encircle” is a site-specific installation of screenprinted, climbing wild roses that trail throughout the gallery. Text appears as small (1/4”) rubber bumpers that contain words lifted from the pages of books.


The castle is created from the pages of books that are torn into strips, reassembled, and rolled into cylinders to create the clusters of cells. These clusters resemble hornet’s nests, barnacles and honeycomb, all forms that are all painstakingly crafted by very small creatures for housing and protection.


As an artist, my main interests lie in manipulating and exploring books and in referencing the natural world.  My installations consist of multiple components that can be rearranged and assembled in response to individual spaces.  I am often inspired by forms in nature that allow my pieces to be flexible and give the piece the ability to grow in a viral way

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