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Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Installation-Size Variable

Laminated book pages

Installed at: Rowen University Art Gallery, The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art,  Center for the Arts Gallery at Towson University,  The ArtFront Partnership


Project 04

Between a Rock and a Hard Place is created from book pages that have been torn up and then re-assembled to form long strips.  Text, images, and writing on the surface of the book pages are visible in parts. The structure of the installation itself is based on that of a whirlpool or a vortex.  


The title and inspiration for this piece comes from Greek mythology.  Charybdis was a sea creature who created large, dangerous whirlpools in the water.  In The Odyssey, Ulysses had to pass through a strait with Charybdis on one side and Scylla, a man-eating monster living in the cliffs, on the other.  When trying to avoid one monster, he came dangerously close to the other.  This concept of having to choose between two difficult situations is the origin of the phrase “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” 


There is text in the form of small (1/4”) rubber bumpers that contain words lifted from the pages of books.  These small dots are arranged to form phrases or sentences, often composed during the installation process.  The text evolves spontaneously and can resemble concrete poetry.


The text in this piece speaks about finding one’s way, asking questions, making decisions, and finding inspiration. Often, in my life, I find myself juggling many different things.   As an artist, parent, partner, teacher, and friend, I often find myself pulled in many directions.  What things are important and what things do I edit?  How much can I take on and how do I choose?  Who do I really think I am? 

And who are you?

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